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Military aircraft

a10_picA-10 Thunderbolt II

A powerful US ground attack jet. Not very agile, but its heavy armor makes it very tough. Its 30 mm gun, with depleted uranium shells, is capable of shredding apart any armor. For ground targets, this plane is the death incarnate.

ah64_picAH-64 Apache

The gunship chopper, very tough. Its primary role is anti-armor, but it can also be equipped with heat-seeking AA missiles. The chain gun system of the newest variants can track even nearby jets with high accuracy.


Propeller-driven basic transport aircraft. It is both a military and a civilian plane, popular with many smaller airlines. While slow, the military variant is tough and armed with manual tail gun of modest practical use.

b1b_picB-1B Lancer

Marginally supersonic strategic bomber. It can carry a sizable payload, from a huge amount of small bombs, to tactical nukes. Carpet bombing is guaranteed. Its possesses decent defensive systems.

b52f_picB-52F Stratofortress

Old strategic bomber. Capable of obliterating large areas. With its tough armor, this plane is a flying fortress. Its defense further consists of countermeasures and a radar-controlled tail gun.

c130_picC-130 Hercules

Slow, yet reliable transport aircraft. While the basic design is quite old, modern variants are still in full active military service. Although it is unarmed, it is tough and sometimes can be equipped with countermeasures.

e3b_picE-3B Sentry

The main US and NATO airborne early warning and control platform. This all-seeing-eye-in-the-sky has a radar capable of detecting targets hundreds of kilometers away.

ea6b_picEA-6B Prowler

Reconnaissance and electronic warfare. This tactical jet is able to jam all hostile radars in the area, and generally wreak havoc on enemy electronic equipment.

f4_picF-4 Phantom

Robust third generation fighter-bomber. It has participated in some of the famous historical events, but it is not able to hold its ground against newer generation of jets. Only private air forces and mercenaries still use this one.

f5_picF-5 Tiger II

A cheap jet that is meant more for marginal force display than for real combat. It used to be sold to less fortunate US allies, for a penny. Its overall performance is sub-par compared even to many third generation fighters. Still, in capable hands it can be of use.

f14_picF-14 Tomcat

The iconic US navy long-range fighter and fleet defense interceptor. Its 70’s design is complex and unreliable, but capable when in working order. Like in the case of its predecessor, the F-4, two crew members are required to utilize this plane to its full potential.

f15_picF-15 Eagle

One of the first fourth generation planes. This jet is a theater air-superiority fighter, and its design inspired many other projects. It is fast and has long endurance. It can carry a lot of stores and handle multiple threat areas during a single sortie.

f16_picF-16 Fighting Falcon

The most common US and NATO fighter.

f18_picF-18 Hornet

Versatile multi-role fighter of the US navy. What is F-16 on the land, this jet is at sea. Stationed on aircraft carriers, it can suddenly show up anywhere in the world.

f22_picF-22 Raptor

US fifth generation air-superiority fighter. This elite jet exceeds all previous generation fighters in nearly everything. Its main advantages are stealth, electronic systems, and range. Through its super-cruise capability, this plane is never late.

f35b_picF-35 Lightning II

Аdvanced multirole plane of the US and NATO forces. Versatile and stealthy, its design and systems are ahead of almost every other jet in the world. The B variant can take off and land vertically, at the expense of overall flight performance.

f117_picF-117 Nighthawk

Despite its designation, this is a sub-par attack aircraft with limited payload and range. However, it has one great advantage over other planes in its class — a high degree of stealth. Once lost on radar, it is unlikely that it will be found again.


A very popular Russian transport aircraft. This plane is used by many air forces around the world, and also by civilian operators. It is unarmed, but robust and can be equipped with countermeasures.


Aerial refueling plane. It can refuel up to three jets at the same time. Its defense consists of a tail gun and countermeasures. Apart from the refueling system and defenses, this is exactly the same plane as the IL-76.

kc135_picKC-135 Stratotanker

Aerial refueling plane. It has modest range and can carry up to 80 tons of fuel to supply nearby fighters. Its flammable content cannot sustain much damage.


Nicknamed as Balalaika. Generally obsolete, but with upgraded systems, this jet is perhaps only third generation fighter that can match or even exceed newer generation planes. Its rugged design is highly efficient and its availability makes it popular choice for mercenaries.


High speed interceptor and reconnaissance jet. It has no gun, but it can carry a good amount of missiles. In aerial battle, this plane’s main role is to hit and run, following instructions from ground control.


Standard Russian fighter. Light and reliable, but with limited range. Its primary role is front-line air superiority, but it can be used for other tasks too, if properly tuned.


This huge Russian interceptor is extremely fast. It can carry a lot of missiles, and it also has a gun. Its very powerful radar is able to largely negate stealth technology and jamming efforts. Tricky to deploy, but no hostile aircraft can escape it.

mirage2000_picMirage 2000

Common and very average European light fighter. Its simple but effective design and ease of production make this plane quite practical and available to various interested parties, all around the world.

proyekt144_picProyekt 1.44

Old Soviet fifth generation jet project. It is supposed to be abandoned…


Powerful heavy fighter. This jet excels in almost any task. It is tough, fast, agile, long-ranged, and it can carry a sizable payload. In its upgraded variants, this is probably the best theater air-superiority fighter of the fourth generation.

Civilian aircraft


Massive transport aircraft that can carry up to 150 tons of payload. It has very long range at light loads, and it is also used as military transport.

boeing747400_picBoeing 747-400

A typical intercontinental airliner. Always ready to annoy and get in the way. Still, highly experienced fighter pilots find interesting ways to use nearby airliners to their advantage, especially those big and fuel-rich as this Boeing.


Once upon a time, this was people’s mini-airliner and internal state jet for government officials. Today, it is often a company business jet or even starting prestigious symbol of fresh tycoons in Russian federation and other countries of former Soviet Union.

Ground vehicles

9K22tunguska_pic9K22 Tunguska

Point air defense tracked vehicle. Equipped with two accurate 30 mm guns and short-range surface-to-air missiles.


Light armored personnel carrier.

m1abrams_picM1 Abrams

Main battle tank of the US army.

m2bradley_picM2 Bradley

Adaptable infantry fighting vehicle.

m1126stryker_picM1126 Stryker

Elite US light armored personal carrier. It is equipped with the latest military tech, including an active defense system.


A popular Ukrainian-Russian main battle tank.


Military cross-terrain light vehicle. It is durable and very adaptable, thus popular amongst various Russian gangs.


Sturdy old Soviet military truck. Versatile and durable. Good for almost any terrain.


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