Getting the source code and resources

The source code and a small selection of content can be obtained from Github:

A lot of content’s source is available in open file formats, and some of it is available on the page, resources. Since size of all this content is overwhelming, it is not fully available on the mentioned page. However, if anyone is interested in some specific source material, which is not listed at this moment, you can write to <> and request it.

Discussions and contributions

At the moment, there is no public channel for communication, but a web forum is planned. In the meantime, direct any comments or contributions to Stefan Ilic <>.

What is needed for 1.0

To bring the game to the 1.0 release, a number of things must be completed. An overview of those things is as follows:

  • Better behavior of actors in combat. Planes must properly employ missiles, dodge gun attacks, avoid collisions, and exhibit some minimal coordination in action.
  • Better behavior of actors in navigation. Planes must keep formations better, and be able to takeoff and land.
  • Animation of aircraft movable surfaces (ailerons, rudders, brakes, etc), at least for the most frequent planes.
  • Improved game menus. Game and input options must be modifiable within the game, not only through configuration files.
  • Better graphics for inter-mission dialogs. Most important characters should get portraits, and frequent dialog locations should get background images.
  • More dedicated music. For main menu, calm flight, cautious flight, player down, mission completed, post-mission report.
  • At least one campaign must be fully completed.