Limit Load is a cockpit flight game featuring modern military jets. It is more an arcade game than a simulation, as the level of realism has been adjusted to provide action-packed gameplay. While the main theme is generally set in modern times, the game is not meant to be shy of near-future military tech or even light sci-fi elements. Anyone with sufficient knowledge can add new content, such as new campaigns or playable jets, or improve the game core.

The main focus is on the single-player experience, and the story is an important part of the game. There is a number of scripting interfaces for making in-game cutscenes, dramatic dialogues with event triggers, and theater-like content between the missions.

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The Warehouse

This is just a brief info…

From now on, Limit Load will also be part of Just Gameware indie studio-warehouse:

Just Gameware

This warehouse will be a home place for any new games that happen to be developed.

This doesn’t mean that I am abandoning Limit Load, just that while I am waiting for main code guy to catch up, I will be making new games :)

Stefan Ilic

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